Thursday 6th September – Good Heart Cafe, Palmer Street.

We had a ‘What if’ session – a space to generate some crazy fun doable ideas. It seemed fitting for the first meeting of the new learning year to tap into our imagination. Even whilst we had a round of introductions and notices there were already ideas firing!

In parallel there was a creative space, making banners for the Frome Rise for Climate action on Saturday 8th.

These were our “what if” questions:
⦁    What if…. you did something that your great grandchildren thank you for… what would it be?
⦁    What if…. you knew the name of everyone on the street?
⦁    What if…. you could change something in Frome?
⦁    What if…. sustainable Frome was launching today what should it do?

What would you have said? We’ll post the ideas here on the website and we look forward to seeing which of these seeds germinate.

Thanks to all who came, to Mike for facilitating, and to Alison for hosting.