There are a number of active groups that are looking for ways to help Frome meet the challenges of a low-carbon future.

These groups are generally organised in a fairly informal way, and will be busy or quiet depending on who is active in the group and how much time they have. If there is something you are interested in and are struggling to make contact with others involved in it, then contact and we’ll do our best to help.


Frome car-free walking group

A group for people who like walking without driving. One walk a month, usually on a Saturday. Walks are around 8 to 12 miles long, medium pace (about 2½ miles an hour), plus picnic/café/pub stop.

wild garlic● No need to book, just turn up
● Walks are free, apart from bus and trains fares
● Walks undertaken at your own risk
● Walks will go ahead in all but the worst weather
● Please bring walking boots and waterproofs

Future walks to include: circulars from Frome, bits of Mendip Way and Macmillan Way by bus and train, walks from Heart of Wessex Line stations.

Join the email list for to receive dates of each walk:


Incredible Edible Frome

This group has been working with the Town Council to plant all kinds of veg and herbs in the public beds. Find out more from their page on this website (Incredible Edible Frome), or from the new Growing Frome website.

The Sustainable Frome Apple Group

This group started out in 2008 with the aim of making better use of our apples, and runs occasional pruning workshops and communal pressing events, as well as organising Apple Day events at schools around the town, from 2009 to 2012. In 2013, they worked with Oakfield School on their Apple Day, and they have been keen to support the school with the development of its own new orchard – now the largest in Frome. Find out more on the Apple Group page.


Energy – how we use it and how we produce it – is one of the most important aspects of sustainability. Sustainable Frome is an investor in the new Frome Renewable Energy Coop (FRECo), which aims to set up a number of community energy generation schemes in the town. FRECo also has a thermal imaging camera that can be used to see where heat may escaping from your home and increase your insulation.

Sustainable Frome has also been part of the Warmer Homes campaign, which saw a number of properties get free cavity wall insulation through the Centre for Sustainable Energy. This scheme has now been finished, but if you are interested, you can still get in touch via and we’ll help you find out what is available.

Frome Anti-Fracking

a61819bd-3053-4591-9c00-755be4168569There is an active anti-fracking group in Frome, which has run a number of events to raise awareness of the dangers of fracking and what it means in particular for the Mendips. Frome Anti-Fracking has also worked with Frack-free Somerset on events around the region. To find out more, see the Frack-Free Somerset website, or contact and we’ll pass on your enquiry.


Many people in Sustainable Frome care passionately about our need for greener transport options, whether it is better facilities and support for cycling, better public transport, electric vehicles, car-sharing options or car clubs. Sustainable Frome ran a ‘bikeability’ taster (like the old cycling proficiency scheme) at the Children’s Festival in 2014, along with a free bike maintenance check provided by The Bicycle Academy, and there was a series of bike events run with support from Aster Homes in late 2014.

Many projects are now being organised through Frome Town Council’s Energy and Recycling Officer, Anna Francis.  Please contact Frome Town Council to find out more.

Electric Car Club

DSCF5722This is now live! Hire is £3.75 per hour (plus membership fees of £25, with a minimum spend of £5 per month), making it a viable alternative to occasional taxi hire, as well as a great way to cut emissions. Cars will be based at the Cheese and Grain, medical centre and Christchurch St W. Contact social enterprise Co-wheels, which is running the scheme.


Frome’s Missing Links

The project to connect the Colliers Way cycle path with the centre of Frome and to extend the cycle path out to Longleat is run through the organisation of Sustainable Frome, although it has a separate and committed group of organisers who have worked hard to make this idea a reality. They recently extended the path from Welshmill to Low Water, and new developments are expected in 2015. To find out more – and to join the volunteers in raising money or clearing scrub – see the project’s own website.

Buildings and development

Many people in Sustainable Frome are concerned about the need for better, more affordable housing and development that would support a greener way of life. Groups that are really trying to make a difference are:

Fair Housing for Frome

This community group are running a campaign during 2017 to raise awareness of, and find solutions to, the housing crisis in Frome. See their website for details of the various events and to get involved –

 Frome Co-housing Group

This is a network of people interested in setting up co-housing in Frome. To find out what co-housing is and where their work has got to, please go to


Frome’s green open spaces and its river are incredibly important to the town and its people, in providing natural open spaces for people to enjoy, as well as a habitat for wildlife. Many of Sustainable Frome’s members have been active in the campaigns to protect particular parts of our green heritage in recent years, although they now run separately by themselves. The Save Whatcombe Fields was one of these, and the meadows have now been bought for the community through a share offering. See the Save Whatcombe Fields website or Facebook page for more information.

Friends of the River Frome

Frome’s marvellous river has been kept in shape to no small extent by the Friends of the River Frome, who have run regular clean-up sessions (balsam bashing in the summer) with volunteers. They have also contributed to a study of the river for Frome Town Council, proposing to open up paths along the river so that people can better enjoy the river and its wildlife. See their website for details.

Heart and soul

The way people relate to the environment and each other are an important part of a sustainable society, and Sustainable Frome’s members care deeply about this area. They have supported a number of workshops to help us deepen our relationships with the environment, and there is a Heart and Soul group that meets to discuss issues in this area. To find out more, contact and we’ll pass on your enquiry.

Participating in Frome life

untitled event - 06Sustainable Frome has also taken part in many of the town’s events, including the carnival, the Children’s Festival and the Independent Market, to make sustainability part of the cultural fabric of Frome.

Town Council projects

There are many projects being organised by Frome Town Council, including a Sharing Store run partly by edventure. Anna Francis, Frome Town Council’s Energy and Recycling Officer, is co-ordinating these projects. Please see our page about their work or contact Frome Town Council to find out more.