We hold Sustainable Frome meetings on the first Thursday of every month and they are a great way to meet others and learn more about what's happening with sustainable projects, groups and campaigns in Frome.

If you want to get your own project going, the best way to kick things off is to come to a meeting and tell people about your idea. You can ask for volunteers or support or help in how to get things going - you can be sure people will listen and offer suggestions.

There's no set format for a meeting: sometimes we'll have a speaker or show a film, and there's almost always a lively discussion. Take a look at some past meetings to get an idea of the variety of topics we've explored.

We usually start with shared vegetarian/vegan food and chat, then move on to notices, before the main part of the meeting.

Future topics

Ideas for future meetings that came out of recent discussions include:

  • Saxonvale
  • Brexit planning
  • Reaching out beyond Frome
  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Energy
  • Economics
  • Trees
  • Food security
  • River Frome
  • Update from Plastic Free Frome
  • Update from Frome Uprising

If you are passionate about any of the above topics and want to help co-host a meeting to inform, discuss or mobilise then please come along to the next meeting, or email info@sustainablefrome.org.uk


Next meeting

Thursday 5th November @ 8pm online: Flatpack Democracy 2.0 and 2021

Peter Macfadyen, author of Flatpack Democracy and Flatpack Democracy 2.0, will be talking about the Flatpack 2021 campaign
targetting the May 2021 council elections country-wide.

The meeting is being held on Zoom, link and more details here.