If production practices and supply chains do not change, then climate change is likely to threaten food security in England. However, there is enormous scope for producers of all scales to adjust what they produce and how they manage water, soil and biodiversity.

Similarly, action by concerned citizens can help to support producers with these transitions and also strengthen the sustainability, fairness and resilience of their food systems.

This well-attended Zoom meeting was led by Elise Wach, who presented some of the findings of her report Growing Through Climate Change, with specific reference to the situation here in the South West.

Watch Elise’s presentation here

Read her report here: Growing Through Climate Change

Elise Wach is a research advisor focusing on food systems, and a founding member of Frome Field 2 Fork.

Frome Field 2 Fork is creating a sustainable and replicable solution to empower our community in Frome and surrounding areas to connect, learn, grow and cook. Their work will be focused on a welcoming & inclusive space with meaningful volunteering, education, growing, art & cooking workshops, work experience & job opportunities, in walking distance from Frome town centre. This will include a community & care farm, a plant nursery, and a community kitchen.