July 5th – The Future for Sustainable Frome?

A big thank you to everyone who came to the meeting at the Town Hall to discuss the future of Sustainable Frome.  Many voiced their support, valuing a place to come and discuss issues that affect us and to connect with others for inspiration and action.  There was acknowledgment for the many initiatives that have spun out of Sustainable Frome (and continue to do so).

In the facilitated sessions it became obvious that there was a strong support for Sustainable Frome to continue and a willingness from many in the room to step into organising roles.  This gives a great opportunity to recreate roles and give some space to see what Sustainable Frome can become with an expanded group of people in place.

The ‘organising committee’ will comprise

  • a ‘comms’ team
  • a ‘meetings’ team
  • a ‘core’ group

The next step is for this ‘committee’ to meet in August to plan the next few months (and beyond). We envisage a similar set up with newsletter and shared food on the first Thursday monthly, but perhaps with a refocus? Will it be a fallow time of ideas?  Or could we galvanise support for a few key projects in Frome?  Or will there be new exciting initiatives? Let’s see!

A big thank you to Star Molteno who facilitated us through the ‘transition town group health check’ and into our discussions. You can read Star’s report here.

Thanks also to Mike Grenville who stepped up to lead the next meeting in September, to the new ‘organising committee’ and to everyone who gave their support and encouragement in this process.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the one of the organising groups then please email us at info@sustainablefrome.org.uk