Here are the Sustainable Frome objects, as set out in a meeting of the 'core group' in 2010.

Sustainable Frome CIC will work with individuals, groups, organisations and businesses, primarily in Frome and surrounding areas, to enable current and future citizens to live lives that are pleasurable, healthy, purposeful and just, without overspending on the environmental budget. The organisation aims to increase the overall resilience of the people of Frome to future environmental, economic and social shocks and challenges.

Specific objects are to support, develop, initiate and manage community projects and interactions that will:

  1. regenerate biodiverse, resilient and vibrant local economies, food systems and land use
  1. seek local and sustainable economic and energy solutions that enable local people to commit to low carbon lifestyles and energy efficiency;
  1. lead to transport initiatives and opportunities that bring practical solutions to reduce environmental pollution, improve public health and counteract the impact of increasing fuel costs;
  1. reduce current levels of finite resource use, and minimise the production of waste;
  1. reduce excessive global trade and consumption to “live simply so that others may simply live”;
  1. enable alliances to other sustainable communities, networks and movements which recognise the links between sustainability and social justice, and to encourage engagement with relevant national and international campaigns and movements;
  1. lead to creative and artistic outputs, emphasising the importance of their work in community strengthening, education and campaigning;
  1. promote and encourage the acquisition of new skills in activities that enhance sustainability and strengthen community.
  1. recognise links between health and sustainable communities, forming practical alliances with complementary, alternative and conventional health practitioners;
  1. develop recognition that financial wealth does not directly equate to happiness and ensure maximum opportunities for personal growth and expression to play a central role in sustainable community development;
  1. encourage full engagement with younger people on issues of sustainability.