Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These are unprecedented times, the full scale and impact of which is only slowly becoming apparent. As we adjust to our new situation let's find creative ways to maintain community and support each other.

We've gathered a page of resources you may find useful, from staying informed to staying fed, asking for and offering help, and coping with isolation.

And don't forget our Facebook page if you want to post relevant information, updates or inspiration.

We've taken our meetings online and are planning on holding them more often. Please join our mailing list to ensure you receive notice and access links.

Keep calm, stay wise, be kind. And keep washing those hands.

Sustainable Frome is a group of people living in and around this Somerset town who want to build a greener future, and one in which Frome is better placed to meet the challenges of climate change.

We are part of the Transition Network, which believes that the global challenges of climate change, social inequality and economic decline require urgent community-led responses.

We have regular meetings, organise events and campaigns, and aim to provide advice and practical help for the residents of Frome who want to live in a more sustainable way.


We meet on the first Thursday of each month and new people are always welcome to come along and see what's happening. We generally start with shared food, then move on to notices and the main speaker or presentation - see the meetings page for more information.

Next meeting

Thursday 7th May, 8pm - 9.30pm, Online

How can we use the lessons from the current situation to inform and encourage local resilience and sustainability?

Mailing list

The best way to stay in touch is to join our mailing list. By doing so, you become a 'member' of Sustainable Frome, but you are not obliged to get involved in any way and there is no charge, of course.  

Groups and Campaigns

We support and work with other local groups working and campaigning in all areas of sustainable living, social justice and environmental protection.
See the Groups and Campaigns section for more details.

Extinction Rebellion

We support the aims of Extinction Rebellion (XR), which believes we need to use non-violent direct action to put pressure on
governments to take action on climate change.
The Frome XR group is distinct from, but closely linked with, Sustainable Frome.