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February 2019 meeting: Preparing for Brexit

At our February meeting the focus was on how we can come together as a community to provide support in the wake of Brexit. We started the evening by watching an inspiring film about how the community came together in Argentina after the economic collapse in 2002 – Argentina: Hope in Hard Times. This was followed by…

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September 2017 meeting: Universal Basic Income

September: 7th September 2017, Universal Basic Income We were lucky to have Save The World’s Resources give an interesting talk and debate around this important subject. The idea of a basic income for all has been around for many years, and is gaining growing support. It has been trialled recently in Finland and trials in Scotland…

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The Gift Economy

Did you come along to our December meeting? If so, you would have learnt a little about the gift economy and experienced a gift circle. This appeared in the newsletter afterwards and provides some links for you to delve further into the subject. The Gift Economy In contrast to the market economy’s insistence that we monetise…

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