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April 2018 meeting: Trees around Frome

April: 5th April – Trees around Frome We had an excellent meeting in April on the topic of trees. Julian Hight gave an engaging talk on special trees around Frome, the UK and the world. We heard about the ground breaking research of Diane Beresford Taylor who tells us that trees emit particles that when inhaled…

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July 2017 meeting: Land Use & Wildlife

July: 6th July 2017, Land Use & Wildlife July’s ‘One Planet Frome’ session was on land use. What is the condition of the land on which we all depend, and what are the implications of climate change for the way it should be managed in the future? Nikki Jones, a writer and researcher, gave a talk…

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April 2017 meeting: Sustainable water

April: 6th April 2017: Sustainable Water At our One Planet Frome meeting this month on Sustainable Water, we were treated to a fascinating presentation by Mike Blackmore, the conservation officer for the Wild Trout Trust. Even those of us who were not particularly wild about trout before the evening had the scales lifted from our eyes. Trout…

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