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February 2018 meeting: Sustainable Yarn & Fibre

February: 1st February – Sustainable Yarn & Fibre At our meeting on the 1st February we explored the world of sustainable yarn & fibre. We quizzed and debated “What would you want your clothes to be made out of? “  Imagine being given a list of 15 different fabrics to rank – from wool to tencel to…

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September 2016 meeting: Sustainable Materials

1st September 2016: Sustainable Materials The theme for September’s One Planet Frome meeting was Sustainable Materials – using sustainable, healthy products with low embedded energy, sourced locally, and made from renewable or waste resources. The focus was on sustainable materials that can be used for buildings, both construction and retro-fitting. Terry Pinto, whose practice PAAD is based in Frome,…

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Pedal-Powered Cinema

On Saturday 18th July, 2015, Electric Pedals brought their Pedal-Powered Cinema to Frome, so that we could show Ghostbusters in Victoria Park to raise money for Frome’s Missing Links cycle paths. We raised a fantastic £800 from the event – some of the funds coming in over the summer from the ‘bike jumble’ sales. Money…

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