The ‘sharing shop’ is close to being a reality and now has a name: SHARE – A library of things. This excellent venture, led by edventure, working with Sustainable Frome and the Cheese and Grain, is looking for people to get involved – with the first work days on Wednesday 15th April and Thursday 16th April, and then the following week, from Monday to Thursday.

They now have a ‘wish list’ of items to get the sharing started, which you can find here. You can donate items – from the wish list, please – by popping down to the shop on Wednesdays from 10am – 4pm.

SHARE will be in the vacant shop on the bridge that used to be an Age UK charity shop, next door toThe Card Factory. The doors first opened at the Independent Market on Sunday, allowing people to come in and hear about what’s going on and give their views. There were also lots of fantastic suggestions for items that SHARE could have, including a disco ball, invisibility cloak, roller skates – and, of course, gardening and DIY items.

Now is the time to get involved. The small team at edventure need plenty of volunteers to make this work – and they will make it a fun, sociable space to help out in. Contact Charley directly if you’d like to volunteer, or just turn up at the shop.

You can also like SHARE on Facebook to keep up to date.

And for some examples of this kind of thing: