November: 2nd November 2017, Creative Upcycling & Pre-Loved Goodies Swap, Frome Cricket Club

Many thanks to Sarah and Alex for organising such an interesting and informative meeting on recycling and upcycling. It was a lively gathering with exhibits, talks and re-makery and re-use activities.

Jolyyon from Protomax Frome gave an interesting talk on the ‘Storm board’ – a replacement for plywood, chipboard and MDF…which doesn’t turn to porridge when wet…made from plastic waste. Protomax are world leaders when it comes to producing large format boards from mixed plastic waste are based in Frome!

Scrapstore Frome collects and sells waste that would otherwise go to landfill for reusing via creative activities for children and the local community.  See FB for more details.

Other initiatives represented were Remakery Frome – a place for fixes, doers, makers and breakers.. and SHARE Frome – a library of things with over 1000 items you can borrow

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