January: 5th January 2017: Health & Happiness

January’s meeting focused on Living Well and Dying Well and was inspired by the One Planet Living theme of Health and Happiness. Mike Grenville (Funeral Celebrant, Dying Doula and Home Funerals, editor of the Transition Network Newsletter) and Celia Libera (Soul Midwife and Bereavement Support) attracted a good turnout for this thought-provoking session. Celia and Mike spoke about some of the inhibitions around talking about death and dying in their own families and wondered if the commonly held phobia around death is reflected in our response to climate change. We shared poetry about species at risk of extinction and a ‘World Cafe’ process provided a welcome opportunity to examine the ways that our death phobia affects the way we live our lives.

Mike and Celia appreciated the interest and participation of so many of us in discussion of dying and were encouraged to provide more opportunities for similar conversations. They’ve arranged to host a ‘Dying to Talk’ session at The Three Swans on Feb 8th.

Click here to read the outputs of the World Cafe.

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