Because Sustainable Frome brings together so many people under the wide remit of sustainability it is the ideal spawning ground for groups and campaigns focussed around specific issues. Over the years we've seen many groups form, grow and branch out on their own, and have been able to offer support in the early days.

How we can help

Here are some of the ways Sustainable Frome can help your new group to get established and grow:

  • Our meetings are a great place to explore your early ideas with a group of people with different backgrounds and experience. You may find that these discussions spark new directions and connections with people and organisations. Later you may like to talk about your group at a meeting in order to find new supporters.
  • Use our Newsletter to reach a wide audience of potential supporters, whether to ask for help or promote an event
  • You can also have an entry in the Sustainable Signposts directory
  • Sustainable Frome Grants are available to support projects that align with our aims
  • In the early days you may be able to use our bank account until you have your own
  • You can use our public liability insurance to cover events
  • We can team up for joint events and help with promotion
  • We can host a page for your fledgling organisation on our website (that you can signpost to from your own url)
  • And of course our members represent hundreds of pairs of helping hands for your practical tasks, as well as a wealth of experience in running organisations, getting funding, etc.

For example...

Here are a few groups and initiatives we are currently supporting:

See the Story So Far page for more examples of groups and campaigns we've supported in the past.