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Pedal-Powered Cinema

On Saturday 18th July, 2015, Electric Pedals brought their Pedal-Powered Cinema to Frome, so that we could show Ghostbusters in Victoria Park to raise money for Frome’s Missing Links cycle paths.

We raised a fantastic £800 from the event – some of the funds coming in over the summer from the ‘bike jumble’ sales.

Money raised by the event will go towards creating a traffic-free cycle path from the centre of Frome to the Colliers Way route, which leads to Radstock. For phase 2, £20,000 needs to be raised from the local community to release further funding from Sustrans. The campaign still needs more funds – we’ll post more details of fundraising activities here in future.

A sharing shop?

What do you think of the idea of a place where you can borrow – possibly for a small fee – items like power tools, decorating equipment and cooking items, that you might only want on a few occasions?

Plans are taking shape on the ‘Sharing Shop’, which will be a joint venture between edventure and Sustainable Frome in the heart of town. The town council, through recycling and energy officer Anna Francis, has secured a lease on the premises for the ‘shop’ on the bridge that used to be occupied by the Age UK charity shop.

The shop may be based on the online service Streetbank, which helps people find the things they need in their local area. Have you tried this? We’d love to hear how it worked out.

Are you interested in getting involved? There will be workdays to smarten up the shop (probably during April), and we will need people to staff the shop (from April – June roughly). Email us at Sustainable Frome to find out more.

There may also be a ‘Sharing festival’ to introduce the idea of sharing to people in Frome. Contact Anna Francis to find out more.

On a related issue, do you have a skill to share? Can you use a sewing machine? Do you knit or crochet? Do you have some basic woodworking skills? or some good upcycling ideas? If you think you have a skill you could share, we would like to start building a list of the skills we have locally to help people get better use out of the stuff they own. Tell us what you can do – you don’t have to have a qualification, but if you do, let us know – by emailing Sustainable Frome.