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SHARE – latest news and wish list

The ‘sharing shop’ is close to being a reality and now has a name: SHARE – A library of things. This excellent venture, led by edventure, working with Sustainable Frome and the Cheese and Grain, is looking for people to get involved – with the first work days on Wednesday 15th April and Thursday 16th April, and then the…

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A sharing shop?

What do you think of the idea of a place where you can borrow – possibly for a small fee – items like power tools, decorating equipment and cooking items, that you might only want on a few occasions? Plans are taking shape on the ‘Sharing Shop’, which will be a joint venture between edventure…

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The Gift Economy

Did you come along to our December meeting? If so, you would have learnt a little about the gift economy and experienced a gift circle. This appeared in the newsletter afterwards and provides some links for you to delve further into the subject. The Gift Economy In contrast to the market economy’s insistence that we monetise…

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